Electric Shaver for Men

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  • 【EXTRA ONE BLADE SET】The electric shaver with the spare original blade set, one-button replacement function, you will gain the new experience in each use. The blade adopts automatic grinding technology, and it will ground automatically when the razor is turned on, so that the blade will keep shaving sharply, smoothly without stuttering.
  • 【4D ROTARY CLOSE SHAVING】 Gain a painless, hypoallergenic experience with the low noise high speed powerful motor, the 4-direction flex floating heads and the hypo-allergenic double-track stainless steel blade. The electric razor can follow every contour of your face, neck and jaw automatically for fast, seamless shaving and provide a closest shave without any residue to you.
  • 【SHAVE WET AND DRY】 This is an whole body IPX6 waterproof washable electric rotary shaver, you can enjoy a quick dry shave or a refreshing wet shave either. For a more comfortable shaving experience, it is recommended to use foam or gels during the shaving process. You can rinse the razor under the tap for cleaning easily.
  • 【USB FAST-CHARGING】Enjoy around 90 minutes continuously shaving (or approximately 80 full shaves) with the razor. The electric shaver only takes 1.5 hour to fully charge and it is very convenient for your daily use or for travel. The electric rotary shaver is able to use it while charging and it supports one-hand cordless operation.
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】 The ergonomic handle builds in our electric razor for men, which can ensure a comfortable and secure grip. The anti-slip texture on the back makes the overall grip of the shaver more comfortable. The Travel Lock feature can avoid the false operation of the electric shaver when you are not operating or during traveling.